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How to send information to us.

The long term objective for this site is to build a complete archive of Howarth's work, and to achieve that we need your help!

If you have an etching or watercolour by Howarth which is not represented on the site, we would encourage you to send a high resolution digital image of the picture, together with any information you can supply on it. In particular, its title (if known), accurate sizing information of the plate (picture area only please) either in inches or centimetres, and a brief description of any inscriptions within the plate, such as title, date, initials, publisher details etc.

If you have a picture by Howarth that you cannot identify, please send as much information as you have on it and we will try and help identify it for you.

Some of the etchings in the gallery have low quality pictures attached, as these were the only available source. If you can help by supplying a high quality picture which we can substitute to increase the viewing experience for everyone, please get in touch.     

To send information, complete the form below, upload your image and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Any pictures or additional information sent in, will be credited to the sender if used on the site.

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