Sales & Wanted

Placing an Advertisement on the site.

As this site is aimed at collectors, gallery owners and people who enjoy etchings we thought it beneficial to include a facility where they can be advertised for sale, or alternatively you can post an advert if you are seeking pictures by a particular artist.

The benefits of advertising here are;

You are advertising to an interested group of potential buyers. Those using the site and browsing the adverts will be actively interested in acquiring and selling etchings, so your advert will reach those who are most likely to buy or sell.

The advertisement facility is targeted specifically at etchings, and is easy to use so that browsers do not have to sift through many other picture types which are not of interest before finding items which appeal.

Advertising here is much more cost effective than advertising on many other commercially available sites. Adverts are listed for twelve weeks for the payment of a small fee, and so the cost per week becomes almost insignificant.

The site is an international site, and is not targeted at specific countries only, so the catchment area and target audience will be large.

The main site is free to use, and so the advertising revenue generates a small income stream to help maintain, develop and improve it to the benefit of all users.

To advertise a picture for sale, or place a ‘wanted’ advert, click on the relevant tab (Etchings for Sale) or (Etchings Wanted) on the front page of the site to open up the page and then click the ‘Advertise’ button in the top right corner to bring up the listing form.