Known Works

This is a master list of all known works I am currently aware of by Albany Howarth.

Pictures and Information on many of these etchings appear in the Gallery section of this site, although only if both the title and the accompanying photograph have been verified as being correct. The aim here is to gradually work towards a comprehensive database listing all of Howarths works, and as new information becomes available, then all records on the site, including this list will be updated.  

If you have a picture that you are trying to identify, then the Gallery has been designed as a visual resource to help you do this. If the picture is not in the gallery, then email us a copy together with what you do know about it (exact plate size, any inscriptions in the plate, and a good quality picture) and we may be able to identify it for you. Not all records we have are included on the site until they can be presented to a good standard, so the lack of a good quality picture for example may hold up the addition of a new entry.   

   A.E.Howarth - Known works:
1    A Doorway of the Ashmolean, Oxford
2    A Dutch Mill, near Dordrecht
3    A Street In Milan
4    A Street in Montreuil
5    A Street in Toledo
6    A Trial Proof
7    A Venetian Calle
8    Abbeville
9    Abbey Church of Winchester - The North Trancept
10    Abbey Craig and Wallace Monument from Stirling Castle
11    Abingdon on Thames
12    Advocates Close, The, Edinburgh
13    All Hallows by the Tower - Guild Church of TocH
14    Amiens
15    Amiens Cathedral Interior
16    An Old Mill (Title Unknown)
17    An Old Sussex Mill
18    Ancient Doorway - Hospital Santa Cruz Toledo (print)
19    Anne Hathaways Cottage
20    Anne of Cleves House Ditchling
21    Archway, Virginia Water
22    Arco Della Conca, Perugia
23    Arno, The
24    Asolo
25    Assisi -Moonlight
26    Bakehouse Close Edinburgh (Watercolour)
27    Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh
28    Bamborough Castle
29    Bamborough Castle (Drypoint)
30    Bamborough Castle (No.4)
31    Bamborough Northumberland
32    Bargate Southampton, The
33    Barnard Castle
34    Barnards Inn
35    Barrow-Maker's Shop, The
36    Basilica di S.Marco, Venice
37    Bell Tower, New College, Oxford, The
38    Ben Lawers
39    Berwick on Tweed
40    Between The Brenta and Piave
41    Black Gate Newcastle
42    Blue Mosque, Cairo, The
43    Boat Building Yard Rio S.Travaso Venice
44    Book Plate (No description)
45    Bootham Bar York
46    Bridge of Sighs Venice (No.1)
47    Bridge of Sighs Venice (No.2)
48    Bridge of Sighs, St Johns College, Cambridge, The
49    Ca D'Oro Venice
50    Calldebec au Caux, Normandy (Watercolour)
51    Canale Albrizzi Venice
52    Canterbury Gate - Christ Church, Oxford
53    Carnarvon Castle
54    Castello Michaelangelo, Florence
55    Cathedral de Notre Dame Reims
56    Cellini Perseus, Florence, The
57    Certoza De Firenza
58    Chancel Amiens Cathedral, The
59    Chancel Ely Cathedral
60    Chancel Exeter Cathedral
61    Chancel St Albans Abbey
62    Chancel York Minster, The
63    Chapel of the Nine Altars Durham, The
64    Chapterhouse Door Rochester, Kent
65    Chateau Gaillard
66    Chiddingstone Kent (No.1)
67    Chiddingstone Kent (No.2)
68    Chiddingstone Kent (No.3)
69    Choir and Screen Toledo, The
70    Christiansborg Castle No.1
71    Christiansborg Castle No.2
72    City Cross Winchester
73    Constable Tower, Dover
74    Copenhagen Bridge (Watercolour)
75    Coquet, The (Northumberland)
76    Corfe Castle (1911)
77    Corfe Castle (1923)
78    Craigmillar Castle
79    Dochart at Killin, The (Perthshire)
80    Doge's Palace, Venice
81    Doorway, Barfreston, Kent
82    Doorway, Lambs Court, Temple
83    Doorway, St Etienne Du Mont
84    Doorway, Vezelay, France
85    Downham
86    Drover, The
87    Durham Cathedral
88    Dutch Fishing Boats
89    Edinburgh Castle from the GrassMarket
90    Elvet Bridge Durham (No.2)
91    Elvet Bridge, Durham (No.1)
92    Ely Cathedral, North Aisle
93    Entrance to the Brooklyn Club
94    Entrance to the Shrine, Scottish National War Memorial
95    Exeter Cathedral
96    Exterior Durham Cathedral
97    Façade of Rouen Cathedral
98    Five Sisters of York, The
99    Florence
100    Fountains Abbey Yorks
101    Fruit Stall, Venice
102    Garden Front, New College, Oxford, The
103    Gate of Honour, Caius College, Cambridge, The
104    Gateway Salisbury, The
105    Gateway Sienna, The,
106    Gateway, Carnarvon
107    Gateway, Kings College, Cambridge
108    Gateway, New College, Oxford
109    Gateway, St John's College, Cambridge
110    Gateway, St John's College. Oxford
111    Gateway, Trinity College Cambridge
112    Glasgow University, from Kelvingrove
113    Golden Cross Oxford
114    Gourock
115    Grand Canal Venice (Night in Venice?)
116    Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow, The
117    Great Court, Trinity College, Cambridge, The
118    Great Rose Window at Westminster
119    Great Screen and Choir at Burgos Cathederal No.1
120    Great Screen and Choir at Burgos Cathederal No.2
121    Great Screen Westminster, The
122    Great Screen Winchester Cathedral
123    Harbour Genoa, The
124    Harrowing
125    Hayfield, The
126    Herstmonceaux Castle
127    Hertfordshire Canal, The
128    Holborn, Staple Inn, London
129    Houghtons Tower, Florence
130    Iffley on Thames
131    Interior Milan Cathedral
132    Interior of Durham Cathedral
133    Interior St Etienne Du Mont
134    John Knox's House, Edinburgh
135    Killin Cottages
136    Kings College Aberdeen
137    Kings College Chapel, from Clare Lane, Cambridge
138    Knaresborough, Yorkshire
139    La Cour d'Albane, Rouen
140    La Grosse Horloge, Rouen
141    Lady Chapel, Liverpool, The
142    Landgate at Rye, Sussex, The
143    Langdale Pikes
144    Le Pont des Andelys, Chateau Gaillard
145    Lincoln Cathedral
146    Loading Hay
147    Magdalen Bridge and Tower, Oxford
148    Marble Bridge Copenhagen No.1
149    Marble Bridge Copenhagen No.2
150    Market Spain, The
151    Medway at Maidstone, Kent The,
152    Mermaid Inn Rye
153    Micklegate Bar York
154    Monastery of S Francesco, Assisi
155    Monastery of S Francesco, Venice
156    Monk Bar York
157    Narrow Run, Venice
158    Night In Venice
159    North Ambulatory, Westminster Abbey
160    North Transept of Westminster, The
161    Notre Dame, Paris
162    Notre Dame, The Rose Window
163    Old Clarendon Press and Sheldonian Theatre Oxford
164    Old Hospital Rye
165    Old House, Abbeville
166    Old House, Rouen
167    Old House, Rue St Romain, Rouen
168    Old Houses and Stocks, Aldbury, Herts
169    Old Houses, Abbeville
170    Old Houses, Florence
171    Old Houses, Rouen
172    Old Playhouse Close, Edinburgh
173    Old Star Inn Alfriston Sussex
174    On The Ponte Vecchio, Florence
175    Palazzo Dario Venice (Version1)
176    Palazzo Dario Venice (Version2)
177    Pallazzo Della Ragione
178    Peterborough Cathedral
179    Petergate York
180    Piazza San Marco, Venice
181    Ponte delle Gulie, Venice (Drypoint)
182    Ponte Vecchio, Florence
183    Poole, Dorset
184    Porte Saint Pierre, Auxerre
185    Prince Henry's Palace, London
186    Priors Doorway, Ely
187    Queen's College, Oxford
188    Queens Dollshouse Etching of Winchester
189    Reims Cathedral
190    Rialto Bridge, Venice
191    Richmond Castle Yorkshire (Drypoint)
192    Richmond Yorkshire No.2
193    Richmond Yorkshire No.3
194    Rio Priuli Venice
195    Road near Chateau Gaillard
196    Rose Window, Chartres, The
197    Rose Window, Notre Dame Paris
198    Roslyn Chapel - Edinburgh
199    Roslyn Chapel - The Apprentices Pillar
200    Rouen Cathedral
201    Royal Exchange London, The
202    Royal Glen Sidmouth, The
203    Rue Damiette, Rouen
204    Rue De La Grosse Horloge, Rouen
205    Rue St Germaine
206    Rue St Romain Rouen
207    Rue St Romaine Rouen No.2
208    San Marco, Venice - Moonlight and Lamps
209    Santa Maria Della Salute Venice
210    Scarborough Castle
211    Sidmouth Harbour
212    Simonside, Northumberland
213    South Ambulatory, Westminster Abbey, The
214    St Georges, Hanover Square, (Drypoint)
215    St Giles Church Edinburgh
216    St James Palace London
217    St Mark's, North Audley Street (Drypoint)
218    St Pauls from The River No.1
219    St Pauls from The River No.2
220    St Pierre Cathedral
221    St Williams College, York
222    Staple Inn (Doorway)
223    Stirling Castle
224    Stirling Castle
225    Strand-On -The-Green, Chiswick No.1
226    Strand-On -The-Green, Chiswick No.2
227    Street in San Gimignano
228    Street Scene Rye (Includes Old Hospital Rye)
229    Tolbooth, Edinburgh
230    Tom Tower, Christ Church, Oxford, The
231    Top of the Hill
232    Towers of San Gimignano, The
233    Town of Abbeyville, The
234    Traghetto Venice, The (Drypoint)
235    Trinity College Chapel Oxford
236    Twin Towers, All Souls College, Oxford
237    Valley of the Tiber Assisi
238    Venice from the Ponte del Teatro
239    Venice, The Salute
240    Verona
241    View of Durham
242    Weaver, San Gimignano, The
243    Well Head, Venice
244    West Door, Rochester
245    West Doorway Amiens Cathedral, The
246    West Doorway, Rochester, The
247    West Gate Canterbury
248    West Gate Winchester
249    White Horse Close, Edinburgh
250    Windmills, near Abbeville
251    York View (Correct title unknown)