Welcome to the Gallery section of the site which contains information on over 170 of Howarth's pictures, and more will be added shortly. There are 8 entries on each gallery page.

Click on the Read More tab for each image to see the available information and a full picture of each etching. Click on each picture to enlarge it, as the majority of entries have high quality, high resolution images so that you can enjoy the picture as it was meant to be seen. However, in some cases, the picture may be of poorer quality, as this was the only version available. If you can supply a high resolution image to replace a lower quality one, please send the picture, together with any relevent information via the Send Information page on this site.

Only information which has been checked and verified has been added to the site, so while many entries are complete, some will have infomation gaps. This information will be added gradually as it becomes available, and has been confirmed as accurate.

Use the search facility to find a particular etching quickly if you already know the title or to pull up etchings by category. To facilitate search, all etchings are currently being placed into related catagories which include; England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy excluding Venice, Denmark, Venice, Egypt, Holland, Howarth (Pictures of Howarth), Oxford Series, Cambridge Series. Type in the category name to view the related set of pictures.